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Thisberry is a service that supply videos with greater audience and help them attract attention they deserve. It is a platform that will spread your videos contextually over the network of quality websites.

Videos gain new audience that may never appear on major video hostings like YouTube, Vimeo, Metacafe, Dailymotion and others. Your original channel also promoted by Thisberry as a link with description under the video. Here is an example how exactly it appear on publisher website

Contextual Matching

Contextual targeting

Our platform analyse environment of every page and matchmake it with video that fits perfect to the exact page.

Performance optimisation

Your audience depends on how much website users like your videos

Transfer your videos to Thisberry platform, and they’ll be placed on relevant websites automatically and you will get paid for the each video impression. Thisberry will pay 15% share of all video ad revenues that made with your video.

Contextual Matching
Machine learning algorithms match your video with an audience on relevant pages.
Engagement Optimisation
Your audience depends on how much website users like your videos
Channel Promotion
Under every video we place a link to your channel, blog or website. For free.
Additional Monetisation
Your videos get their ad revenue share

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