Contextual Video for Publishers

Thisberry is a widget that add licensed videos dedicated the same topics that your website page about. Thisberry automatically select relevant videos for your pages from it repository and add them onto page using use AI-based contextual matching.

We offer a turnkey video content solution for websites:

Contextual videos is an additional content

For your website, free. It makes pages more engaging so users stay longer and statistical metrics of the site may increase making you ranking better.

Monetisation solution

Comes bundled with additional video content provided by Thisberry. We will play video ads and share 60% of revenue with website owners. Also we can provide our solution as SaaS.

Our repository contains of high quality videos, which are highly relevant to the pages where they are will be displayed. For example, on a page of cake recipes we will show videos about major baking mistakes and how to avoid them, ideas for cake decoration and useful tricks to make the finest cakes, like this.

Please find there are plenty of examples on our LiveDemo website.

Show the right videos at the right time.

Videos we put onto your pages are always fresh and always fine tuned for your content and your audience. On the first step our AI-powered algorithms select about few decades or even hundreds of relevant videos for each of your website pages and then pick most engaging of them for your particular audience.

Optimised Widget
Our solution works great in any modern browser including both mobile and desktop ones. Content delivery optimised for virtually any GEOs and bandwidth and code will never slow your page loading.
Huge video library
Our video content repository contains of more than 20M (millions) videos dedicated to most of imaginable topics. Even if your content is too exotic to match any videos in our repository we will solve that kind of issue within few weeks.
Brand safe
We perform automated brand safety check of each video will be displayed on your pages to avoid tragic, offensive or obscene content.
GDPR compliant
We target people based on the content they’re interested in, not their profiles. So we don’t retain any user data on websites.

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